Taking a Gap Year

It’s not something I normally advertise but it’s something I find to be important to talk about. After I graduated high school in June of 2016, my plans weren’t clear, I was undecided on many things and hadn’t even had a proper job yet. Though vague, I knew I needed to enroll in Community College for September. That never happened, and neither did enrolling for January. I decided for myself that I would be taking a “Gap Year”, a year off in between graduating high school and starting college.


Making it through high school wasn’t as easy for me as everyone else and talking about my mental health isn’t something I necessarily like to do or feel comfortable with but it came down to this; high school felt like 4 continuous years of treading water. That’s purely because of the fact that I had held myself down all 4 years, it was an ongoing struggle that I would never wish upon anyone (though I know many have experienced the same). Fortunately, between then and now, many things have changed. Lots of things successfully factored into me finding and understanding myself, with that I knew I was not ready to start school. Consequently, I had the desire to not stop there, I wanted to fully explore myself and what I was capable of.


However, this post isn’t about my sob story and my struggles (that’s for another day). This post is to delete the stigma that taking a year off makes you lazy or incompetent. I can happily say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the past 6 months I have learned more about myself than I ever have. I have a job that’s helping me become strong and confident in myself and I’ve learned a tremendous amount of things about the fashion industry that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned. From that, i’ve confidently decided that fashion is indeed what I want to do with my life. I keep myself productive and determined. The most important thing of all (people who know me will understand how big of a deal this is), I’ve created a plan, it’s generalized but still a plan nonetheless.


I’m now more excited and eager than ever to start school in the Fall, things have finally become clear for me. I’ve realized what I love to do, I’ve picked up most of the pieces. Many will argue that a year off isn’t for everyone and I can certainly agree with that. Some people are totally confident in what they’re doing and they don’t feel they want to or need to. That just wasn’t for me. I’m on my own  adventure, one that’s not time-specific, one that works for me.


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