10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

Instagram is definitely my favorite Social Media platform. It’s a tiny world full of VSCO-edited images tailored however you like, like a glimpse into that person’s brain. Here are 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts that you should for sure be following.

Pop Culture Died in 2009

From Britney’s iconic 2007 meltdown to Paris shutting down Kitson, this brilliant account brings back all of those moments we hold near and dear to our heart. Makes me want to break out my Von Dutch hat. Memories.

Masha Reva

Hands down one of my favorite designers, line and form are her forte and I love every aspect of it.

Texts From Your Existentialist

An account truly out to win my heart, this account makes me forget the crushing weight of being alive if even for 5 minutes. Tag your existentialist bae <3

Maria Andrew

The cutest little illustrations ever that simultaneously hit too close to home. I look forward to her daily posts.

Barbie Ferriera

Other than the fact that she is fighting social injustice, she’s a BEAUTY and an inspiration. Also everything I will never be. Love her AND her heart shaped shades.

Alexa Chung

The woman that taught me how to dress myself decently and that crying into a bowl of granola is o.k. sometimes.

Overheard LA

Not sure who I was before I discovered this account, filled with things heard in the City of Angels itself. “I love Martin Luther King’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ speech.”

Matthew Healy

Emo Lord indeed, my favorite sad boy fills my Instagram feed with pretentious pictures that sing my heart song. Legend.

Hot Dudes Reading

Self explanatory, really.


Everything this girl creates is beautiful. Her illustrations not only make my bedroom a better place but also my feed.


Make sure to give these accounts some love as well as mine (please?) Be sure to tell me some of your favorites on Instagram down below! As always, thank you for reading!


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