Books I’ve Been Loving: February 2018


As if I didn’t already have a habit of buying books and then reading them in an unhealthy amount of time, this month has been full of travel, so naturally, my nose has been in many, many books.

Here were my favorites


Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

I saw the movie beforehand so I guess I knew what I was getting myself into (deserving of all of the Oscar nominations, by the way). This book warmed, enlightened, and then shattered my heart, in that order. Page after page I found Aciman’s perfectly put words hitting closer and closer to home. If you’ve loved and lost, you’ll get it. It’s a story of passion, obsession, and a maddening amount of nostalgia. I’ve cried in public while reading this book an embarrassing amount of times and now I must pass the torch. Buy it here.


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

A true classic that I just now got around to reading. Although I knew that I’d love this simply because Harper Lee aided in writing it and because I have a gross obsession with true crime, it shocked me and now I wonder why it took me so long to read it. I really couldn’t put this down once I started reading, the murders played out so horrifically you’d think it was fiction. Capote was an amazing novelist and this is a must-read. Buy it here.


I Hope This Reaches Her in Time by r.h. Sin

This was a really quick read that I bought on a whim. It’s a small collection of poems, but it’s as if each one screams something at you the minute you go to turn the page, begging for more interpretation. Although I’m not a huge fan of the poetry scene, presently I did really enjoy this book. I will add, however, if you can’t relate very well, the majority of the poems will probably fall short. Buy it here.

Love Style Life

I’m a sucker for lifestyle books, and this was the perfect time in my life for me to happen upon Garance’s. She is so positive and optimistic without being ungenuine like a lot of other fashion insider books. There were so many things inside that I needed to hear, and now I will always have this book close for safekeeping. I was entirely inspired after reading, and I’d recommend this to any aspiring boss lady. Buy it here.

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